Friday, April 24, 2009

Jazzfest itinerary

Booker T. (With Drive-By Truckers and Neil Young) - Potato Hole (listen) In a mere hour and change I am headed off to JazzFest to witness a set by DBT, the finest rock band in the world, duke it out in the racetrack sun with Booker T. Jones, the finest rock organist in the world, among other acts. I love the Stonesy hard rock strut of this record. The Truckers do that so well. The record comes off a little like the bar band in Heaven. I think it will get a few more spins on the way down.

Time permitting, here is what I am hoping to hit at least in parts this afternoon

some sissy bounce action from Freedia & Nobby

indie trumpet folk from MyNameIsJohnMichael

Piano monster Henry Butler

DBT's and Booker T.

The Mahalia Jackson tribute with Irma Thomas, Mavis Staples and Pamela Landrum


and a cochon de lait poboy will at some point get eaten


  1. Pretty sure that MyNameIsJohnMichael video is from their appearance on the "MS Happening" radio show out of Jackson that some friends of mine put together:

    Will see if I can get in touch with you tomorrow and share the Wilco set with you if you're down there.

    And damn if Spoon wasn't my personal "surprisingly amazing live band" at Voodoo in '07. Hate I'll miss them today.

  2. it is, in fact

    and I agree. I knew Spoon could rock a small club by I had my doubts about their abilities to command a festival crowd until that Voodoo appearance

    I will be back in the stick for the Animation festival and Blues Fest on Saturday, so please give Wilco my apologies