Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the system works

Kinski - Space Launch for Frenchie (lala) I once interviewed the founder of Pandora and asked him is someone on his staff was in the spacey post-rock band Kinski, because no matter what station I created, Kinski eventually played. He responded, "Well, do you like them?" and I confirmed that I did, a lot in fact. "Then the system works!"
SubArachnoid Space - Also Rising (lala) A friend twittered today that he found he could get a lot done listening to Bang on a Can's version of Brian Eno's Music for Airports (lala) and while I can also attest to that record's catalytic effect, this brand of effect-heavy driving guitar instrumental post-rock bullshit is my get-r-done music. Another friend dubs this stuff practice space music, what you play before you get down to playing songs, and its hard to argue - it's not like I can differentiate between any of the songs on these two albums, or even between the two bands, but I got a lot done in the time spent with them so, again, the system works. I think maybe I'll start a post-rock band called The System Works. We can tout ourselves as a Kinski cover band - who would know the difference?

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