Wednesday, March 18, 2009

friends of death

Death - ...For All the World to See (OngakuBaka) In the perpetual complexly-motived search by honkies like myself for forgotten soul authenticity, the latest discovery is Death, a Detroit r&b->punk outfit from the 70's ("The teenage Hackney brothers started playing R&B in their parents’ garage in the early ’70s but switched to hard rock in 1973, after seeing an Alice Cooper show." from the article), like the MC5 but actually black, and generally speaking, killer shit.

The sub-strata of R&B is admittedly and shamefully my weakest subject, I'm so square I first heard of this reading this New York Times (requires registration) artice on my phone, but by disseminating this possibly to my fellow pasty soul-ignorants - per recent discussions about social networking, we prefer the information to come from our friends now - I hopefully am making inroads to resolving this deficiancy. I did twitter the article yesterday just in case.

Now if someone would just unearth some jamz by The Up....
The Dead Weather (website)- Jack White, being a Detroit boy with an ear toward modernizing anachronistic rawk stylings, has many a quote up in the unraveling Death saga, and by divine connection, I am confronted with the announcement of his new band The Dead Weather featuring people from his old new band and the Kills and Queens of the Stone Age (for whom I have never develeoped a tatse) and it has a particular fuzzed-out cro-mag joy to it, particulalry the carousel-in-hell psychedelic take on Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?" available for a listen on their website. More people should cover Gary Numan. A friend of mine and I tried to work up a plaintive singer-songwriter version of "M.E." which sounded great in theory, but the project was sidelined by our inability to sing or play a song.

Here is the other song, "Hang you from the Heavens"


  1. I listened to the one song on the NYT article. It was great. Can you hear more anywhere?

  2. click on the link provided above and that is where I got it from