Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and some More-ton Feldman

Morton Feldman - Crippled Symmetry - Terrible, terrible cover. Why not just leave it austere and blank? Did some label get saddled with releasing this recording and told their marketing guy I dunno, pick a fun font? Inside, however is ticking of the cosmic clock, an orrery of instruments orbiting slowly above you in the planetarium of sound, slow enough to see the mechanical wiggle in Venus as it moves on its track but seamlessly dazzling when observed as a whole. Morton Feldman's music is both soothing and maddening, those repeated flute pulses in the "Region 2" segment could likely be used to extract information from stubborn captives, but in the same vein, the have a way of eroding all else away, just slowly like actual erosion.
Peter Kowald & Damon Smith - Mirrors - Broken But Not Dust (lala) This kind of repetitive dense improvisational music works takes the extremes of something like Morton Feldman, where you are at once exploringthe micro-specific and the macro-cosmic, and collapses them into the personal and the present and teh messy. The titles on this document are all "Broken Mirrors April 28th, 2000" or "Reflections on April 28th, 2000" musical examples of an event and the rumination of the event, then the rumination of the rumination, and so on.

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