Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bleak, or at least despondent

Jason Molina - Pyramid Elelctric Co. (lala) My Jandek quota is full after last night's concert, but I still have a taste for bleak, or at least despondent, loner rock, and this from the Songs:OHIA/Magnolia Electric Co. frontman is right on point.
Bonny "Prince" Billy - Beware - I've only heard the errant track, but I like what I hear. My Drag City connection continually dries up, and they are holdouts against the subscription service jihad so I may have to go out and buy this one. Like at a store. Shudder. Here is "I Am Goodbye"

Townes Van Zandt - Our Mother the Mountain (lala) This album contains some of the prettier things in TVZ's often devastating songbook. Skip along with that flute in "Be Here to Love Me"

at least until it starts to get dark on the next track

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