Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is the pier that juts out from our friends' family beachhouse on Ft. Morgan into Mobile Bay. It seems improbable like all vacation homes do; a second house fully appointed with TV's and furniture and everything everywhere, but somewhere else. Someplace more visually stunning yet degrees more peaceful than where you usually are.

The beach on the gulf side is sweetly glorious with water much more clear than I associate with the Gulf of Mexico; my experience with it centers mostly on the murky and hardscrabble riches of Grande Isle, and I haven't been down there for over a decade. The short waves here hit you like a friendly slap from the enormous ocean before you, reminding you stay near the fluffy sand. Dolphins were out in full display yesterday, their sleek black bodies a sharp contrast to the infinite blue green gray. While we were swimming, a guy fishing 100 yards up the beach caught a small shark.

Today is more swimming, more snacking, more laying about. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the ocean before succumbing to it. Until then, here are some giant hibiscus that spring up in the brush.

And this little crab.

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