Thursday, July 2, 2009

summer jam written all over it

Sa-Ra Creative Partners - The Hollywood Recordings (listen) Some how I missed this soulambient groove radiation cloud the first time around it blew through, and based on this, am dying to dig into their recent double CD. Summer jam written all over it.

Prince & the Revolution - Parade (listen) In slowly going back through the Prince catalog, I forgot how much I like this record. Besides Around the World in a Day, it might be my favorite. "Kiss" remains omnipresent to the day, a micro-genre of quark-level funk unto itself, and 'Mountains" is a pop music science project demonstrating momentum. Plus, like all the great Prince material, it is not a little bit totally schizoid bananas.

Maxwell - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite (listen) I am mesmerized by the new Maxwell single "Pretty Wings" (YouTube) in a way that slow jam soul doesn't usually hit me; I think its the weird tinny gamelan business under the hood of this track, but it has sent me gleefully to roll around with his back catalog. Michelangelo Matos offers up a great primer on Maxwell in the most recent OffBeat, in conjunction with his appearance at the Essence festival in New Orleans.

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