Monday, July 6, 2009

Reuben sandwich at the LSU Faculty Club

A recurring complaint among Baton Rouge diners is the curious elusiveness of a good Reuben sandwich, a complaint now resolved by the classy yet affordable environs of the LSU Faculty Club. The kraut is tangy and just vaguely sweet, piled on with rich not-too-briny corned beef on thin panini-toasted sourdough. In my mind, rye is the proper bread for a Reuben, but that may just be my imagination, since, like I said, they are a rare thing around here. The dipping sauce tasted like Thousand Island dressing, which again, I believe to be appropriate. If they want to Loosianny it up a bit, they could make it a Raisin' Canes crossover item and serve it with Cane's Sauce, take things up a notch. But I'm generally thankful to be eating lunch in a place that in no way resembles a fast food place for a change.

The LSU Faculty Club is a genteel respite from the slopping of the student herd that usually typifies lunch on campus and is truthfully only a couple bucks more than the Blimpie's at the Union across the street. My sandwich with vegetable of the day was $7.50. The linens and desert cart and table service will thrill those that are into that sort of thing.

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