Tuesday, May 8, 2012

teleological or ontological


W.G. Sebold, Austerlitz
Silversun Pickups, Neck of the Woods
  • Good ol' Silversun Pickups. Of all the bands whose new album always strikes me as a winner, inspiring thoughts like, "I should listen to this band more!" and then never do until the next new album comes out, they are my favorite.

    Give it a listen through this Spotify widget!
  • A limb from the water oak out front came down last night and put a hole in my roof.  You could see the stars from inside at the attic access pulldown stairway and it was kinda pretty. The kind of image that might make for a Silversun Pickups EP cover. I forgot to take a picture of it so I couldn't make "fixing a hole where the rain gets in" jokes on Facebook. Instead, we had a nice meeting with our homeowner's insurance guy, a guy nice enough to almost make me not completely suspicious of the whole insurance industry, and then I spent the morning throwing limbs off the roof.
  • The whiteboard paint wall in my new office is on point. Last time I was so enamored with an office accouterment is when we all finally got email. I just crossed something off on the "To do" sector of the wall with inordinate pleasure.
  • Yesterday, after walking back from getting some delicious ghetto falafel with friends from Atcha, I asked whether something said was a teleological or ontological justification for something. It was ontological. It was like living in a funnier, slightly less pensive, significantly more smartass version of Austerlitz, where old Sebald has an ongoing conversation with a dude who can tell his teleo from his onto. The subject was Superman. Didn't Superman get here on a spaceship? Is traffic ontological? My company was with comic book scholars, of all things, but everything stands for either God or yourself or both, no matter what you are talking about.
  • Unless you are talking about tea; Atcha has the curious, final word on that (see above).

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