Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my life as a sculpture exhibition

I found this on the sidewalk the other day. It looks like the handle one uses to pry up the metal burner lids on an iron stove, but who had an iron stove out behind the library? 1850's tailgating re-enactors?

The Mavericks, 20th Century Masters and Super Colossal Smash Hits
Dave Edmunds, Get It
Lee Bain III & the Glory Fires, There is a Bomb in Gliead
Small Faces, From the Beginning
Roxy Music, Essential


This post is my life as a sculpture exhibition. This number seemingly emerged out of the ground at my life's auxiliary exhibition space behind the CVS.


Meanwhile, back at the gallery, I love this thing because 1) this photo makes it look like a giant Ellsworth Kelly sculpture on a massive warehouse gallery floor instead of just a mouse replacement on my beat up desk and 2) it makes you feel like a gestural genius moving about the screen, a classical guitarist except with browser windows.


  1. handle loox familiar ... sorta

  2. Nice Piece of work..keep up the good work dude