Tuesday, September 21, 2010

yellows to an organic glow

One of the murals in Allen hall.

Terry Southern, The Magic Christian 
Windy and Carl, Songs for the Broken Hearted
Carl Stone, Woo Lae Oak

I am going to hold my finger on the button this morning until it starts working like Carl and Wendy and Carl told me to do. I couldn't really take in The Magic Christian, though I enjoyed it while I was reading it. Same with Boardwalk Empire. I don't require much but I guess when that one little adhesive part is missing, the rest, no matter how cool or fun it all is, doesn't stick. This is all post-processing my talking out in the car what I'm doing or not doing with this dance hall book. Whatever it is, I need to get on it and the real Thing Being Done will emerge out of the doing. Keep pressing that button and eventually, the right thing will happen. I know it.

Update: I finished The Magic Christian at lunch. Weird book - a succession of polite dinner conversations and then elaborate public pranks perpetrated by a millionaire named Grand. The best thing I can say about it and An American Dream is that they are both affronts to a literary propriety to which we no longer adhere and thereby seem a little corny now, and I like how they printed books in the late 60's. Thick heavy paper that yellows to an organic glow and large type spaced with room to breathe in wide margins. A body feels like he's reading the shit out of a book, tearing through all wildness in burly print.

Someone got worked up over a typo.

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