Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 200th birthday, Republic of West Florida!

The "Bonnie Blue" of the Republic of West Florida. From Wiki: This flag was made by Melissa Johnson, wife of Major Isaac Johnson, the commander of the West Florida Dragoons

Happy 200th birthday, Republic of West Florida! So what if we were our own nation for only 90 days. How long was your multi-county area its own nation? Plus 90 days sounds about right; you can get a taste of power without having to change all the letterhead and print stamps and things like that. It's the same amount of time you are a vegetarian or a physics major in college. Or live in that one really dangerous apartment or declare yourself bisexual that one semester.

90 days is a temp work assignment where you get to see a project through as far as it was gonna go; just enough time where you sigh we did it as you pack up your desk tchotchkes and that ream of paper you stole in a cardboard box and head out smiling toward whatever the future holds. Dragoons, march!
West Floriday, that lovely nation,
Free from king and tyranny,
Thru’ the world shall be respected,
For her true love of Liberty.

Happy 84th birthday as well to John Coltrane. I'm gonna listen to you this afternoon and ponder the true love of liberty.

John Coltrane, Live In Stockholm - 1963
John Coltrane, In Europe (Disc 3) 
John Coltrane, Meditations

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