Wednesday, September 8, 2010

goodness is holistic

These nervous cows were penned up and mooing in the CVS parking lot as I walked home from the bus yesterday, a stark contrast to the sweet one that walked right to meet me at the fence at the Hare Krishna farm. Just saying.

Breece D'J Pancake, The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake
Thomas E. Douglass, A Room Forever: The Life, Work, and Letters of Breece D'J PancakeCharles Wuorien, Lepton
Mstislav Rostropovich, Britten: Cello Suites 1 & 2, Sonata for Cello and Piano

I'm listening to Charles Wuorien's Time's Euconium (for which he won a Pulitzer in 1970) because that's where we are, in time's rhetoric, in its praise for others, in its ambient teaching. Or where I am today anyway.

Also because Wuorien's music wanders in that exquisite way the early electronic composers work often does, half in love with sounds and half in love with the Rube Goldberg mechanisms that make them, and I'm kinda there as well.

My Breece period comes to a close with the skimming of Douglass' scholarly biography and I was tempted to dive headlong into Pickney Benedict, his name having come up a lot, but I'm also tempted to read that copy of The Corrections I got at the book fair last year. It has the Oprah book club logo on the dust jacket - printed, not a sticker; does that make it valuable in these times of Franzenfrenzy? Cuz, I mean, I can get it from the library if/when I do want to actually read it...

All this lofty music about my leisure time's activity means I will most likely once again play on my phone while watching more episodes of nip/tuck on Netflix while waiting for the NyQuil to take hold.

I can't really pinpont the essential goodness of Benjamin Britten  because his goodness is holistic.

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