Friday, September 24, 2010

Two great lunches from this week

Smothered chicken plate with rice and gravy and greens from Zeeland Street Market. No improvements could possibly be ventured.

Ginormous pulled pork sandwich from @KickersBBQ. They are quick, friendly, on-the-streets, and most importantly, the pork is right at the perfect spot between dry and moist. Their sauce is tangy and flavorful, though I'm glad I asked for a light application; even then the sandwich was on the verge of becoming a sloppy joe. Accentuate your meat, BBQers of the world, for it is of meat that our hearts are made, not sauce. My suggestion, should you want it, is offer a simple, sharp Carolina-style vinegar sauce, cole slaw, and jalapeños (fresh preferred) and I will proclaim you the best $5 a person can spend in Baton Rouge. I will regret spending $5 on anything else if you do.


  1. How have I never seen smothered chicken at Zeeland?! Is it a Thurs or Friday special? I'm a fiend for that dish...

  2. It might be new, I think it's the first time I've seen it there.

  3. Sorry but BBQ is all about the sauce and kickersbbq has
    The best BBQ sauce and by extension the best BBQ in baton rouge.
    If you want light tangy BBQ sauce try the other places but don't mess
    With kickers!