Friday, April 30, 2010

meatloaf sandwich

Swearing at Motorists, Number Seven Uptown (2000, Rhapsody) has reported that it will shutter May 31, 2010, as a part of Apple's bid to control the online music marketplace. Sucks, not because I am either pro- or anti-iTunes, but lala was handy as hell for my little purposes. I always wondered how it made any money and apparently, it didn't. It is important to remember that money makes art; art doesn't make money. Or something. Stupid money.

An old guy sitting in a parked truck outside a restaurant I pass on my way to work hollered out at me, "Hey man, you lost some weight, didn't you?" Just then I saw the bus approaching and had to run two blocks to catch it, which left me out of breath and with glossy coat, but the upside is I can run two blocks without dying, so some things are headed in the right direction. This song was playing as it all went down.

Swearing at Motorists, " Flying Pizza"

Hopefully YouTube, Rhapsody, Blogger, and flickr and all the other free shit I use will hang on in this new new economy so I don't have to completely rethink my game. Otherwise, I don't know how I will show you all the meatloaf sandwich I put in Maya's lunch, and my purpose in this world will crumble.

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