Thursday, April 22, 2010

like that, with the angling

Mark Nauseef, Kudsi Erguner, Markus Stockhausen, Bill Laswell, No Matter (2008, lala, thanks AnaBlog)
Delmore Schwartz, Vaudeville for a Princess and Other Poems (1950, Questia)
Beach House, Teen Dream (2010, lala)

All this trying to replicate poems in blogger html as of late has made me think about structure too. The simplest indention is a bit of a pain, as if the whole of Internet was designed without poetry ever on the drawing board and squeezing some in takes some angling (see below; the "pre" tag is your friend) but I guess poetry is always like that, with the angling and being a bit of a pain in its insistence of form.
by Delmore Schwartz

"Don't fool yourself," the silence said to me,
"Don't tell yourself a noble lie once more!"

 Then to the silence, being accused I said:
"I teach the boys and the girls in my ageing youth,
 I try to tell them the little I know of the truth,
 Saying, In the beginning is the word,
 And in the end and everywhere is love,
 In all love's places and in the mind of God.
 Three words I speak, though they are bare and far,
untouchable as a star,
 The true, the good, and the beautiful,
 Shifting my tones as if I said to them
 Candy, soda, fruits and flowers,
 And if they hear, what thunderclap uproars,
unanimous applause,
 (Extremely gratifying signs of pleasure).

'Behold the unspeakable beauty,' I say to them,
'Arise and lift your eyes and raise your hearts
 In celebration and in praise because
 Plato's starlight glitters amid the shocking wars.' "

This took forever to get the spacing close to right, but look how elegantly Schwartz makes use of those quote marks. The lantern tree in the back yard in the photo above makes great and to the viewer, effortless use of the neighbor's baby food colored house.


  1. Not sure if blogspot limits what html you can use but next time try a:

    <div style="margin-left:20px;">...content...</div>

    around your poem.

  2. Thanks, I'll try that next time.

    The real issue is that HTML/CSS is universe-down problem solving whereas poetry is nucleus-up problem making.