Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"golden ratio"

David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest
Alvin Lucier - Septet for Three Winds, Four Strings, and Pure Wave Oscillator and Quasimodo the Great Lover
Dr. James Hopkins - Golden Ratios: Pythagorean Harmonic Healing 1

The above photo is of the window of the tamale-selling Donut Shop in Natchez, reflecting the world against starbursts of glorious promise; below is a video of composer Alvin Lucier sitting in a room listening to a performance of his Quasimodo the Great Lover. I was going to put this picture of an old cassette head cleaner because I think that's what I need but in times of doubt we cling to our little paradigms. Plus it is huge. The album of "golden ratio" music is nearly as foofoo as it sounds but also not too far off from Lucier's low watt displays of acoustic physical poetry.

I would like Infinite Jest better if they picked up the pace a little. Not every drug conversation in tennis school is as riveting to those outside the conversation as it is to those in them.

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