Tuesday, February 2, 2010

you have to pass through it to moments later witness its characteristics

Scout Niblett - I Am (lala)
Quest for Fire - Quest for Fire (lala)
Ensemble Polychromie/Andreassian - Horatui Radulescu's "Iubiri"

Blazed though David Foster Wallace's "Big Red Son" from Consider the Lobster over my lunch break; it is a surprisingly quick read even with the footnotes. I wonder if he wore that crazy bandana thing while hanging out with all those adult film stars at the convention he in the article covered, somehow becoming a spectacle in that strident company.

Bat-crazy-seeming chanteuse Scout Niblett and neanderthal rawk duo Quest for Fire deliver their cathartic rewards immediately, a notion the DFW touches on in his essay, but I am always pleased when the massive, inscrutable "Iubiri" comes up on shuffle or in the natural order of iTunes. It is not unlike what ghosts would sound like were TV ghost hunters to pretend they found some traversing the pipes in those abandoned mental hospitals and midwestern basements. Like George Crumb, this music is dispersed in the manner of perfume; you have to pass through it to moments later witness its characteristics radiating from your person.

Above is a picture of a stairwell in this building through which, until today, I had never passed. Spooky, huh?

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