Friday, February 12, 2010


Jen Gloeckner - Mouth of Mars

Snowing! The view through the giant coffee shop windows is prettier than this; wide pokey snowflakes dissolving when they hit the ground, but from the waist up, winter. The schools are closed but the University is nominally open and Baton Rouge is taking this calamity surprisingly in stride considering the psychological white-out that is going on everywhere else. Maybe because we all know there is a 0% chance of season-persistent slush piles.

Speaking of slush piles, I pulled this elegant rager by Jen Gloeckner out of mine. Slush piles have been a concern on the music and lit sites I read as of late: how to deal with yours, what happens when you work winds up in one, lots of Miles Standish proud honorable intentions at listening to everything. A web search reveals that this is pretty new, possibly not even widely released yet, so I won;t pretend to feel bad about just getting to it. Here she is getting wicked with "Die" at some club called Monk's.

It is a bit over-complicated for my tastes; I'd love to hear her wraith wail againt the strings without a trumpet mute or whatever involved. It's Tom Waits Syndrome - sure, you sound kinda cool hollering down that mineshaft or kicking a bucket of nails around but after a while I want you to just lay yr vision on me. It's like what a friend recently said about modern writers - I don't want to watch you write a story, I just want to read it after you are done.

It has already stopped snowing. Thanks, snowpocalypse. It was fun while it lasted.

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