Monday, February 1, 2010

the perfect cappuccino

Stereolab - Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (lala)
india.arie - Testimony Vol.2: Love and Politics (lala)

Behold the perfect cappuccino executed by Kenneth up at Highland Coffees. I actually ordered it to go but when he brought this magisterial beauty to me, I couldn't bear to have it mangled into a styrofoam cup. I wish my old iPhone had video, for I could've shared the undulating layers, shifting, blending, reforming. It was a little like watching the clouds on Jupiter from the other day, or the flocks of starlings over some lake in the Balkans that I saw on PBS the other night. The only way to pay proper tribute was to consume it in situ.

On to other important issues... My review of the Four Tet album There Is Love In You is up at outsideleft where I said in 2005 he reclaimed techno for people that like real music and in 2010 reshaped it back for those who still want to dance... Veni Harlan wants to know how much you think you know about the Louisiana black bear... I went through a Stereolab-intensive phase at the time but now Cobra is just about the only record of theirs to which I regularly return, but oh it is good, revealing more of itself on each semi-annual spin. Like this example of how the cosmos operates on tremolo.

india.arie did OK at the pointless predictable Grammys last night, losing Best R&B album to the unstoppable Maxwell's Blacksummer's Night, but losing "Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals" to walking cartoons Jamie Foxx & T-Pain with this semi-batshit masterpiece of a song.

I didn't even watch the Grammy's, nor am I huge fan of Ms. .arie, so I don't know why I care, but God, she at least seems like a real person. I like when they go there with the food analogies in the middle. Stupid Grammys. I'm betting some olde skule bluegrass dudes are throwing darts at Steve Martin's photo this morning. And y'all, I hate to break it to you but Kings of Leon kinda suck. Not monumentally, but serviceably.

Here is a video of a cloud of starlings, offered in the interest of letting the mysterious dance of nature bypass the stumbling gait of culture.

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