Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bard of Highland Coffees

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? (lala)

Jim Engster introduced me as "the Bard of Highland Coffees" on his show this morning to talk about Andre Williams' Friday appearance at Chelsea's. Here is a streaming version of the broadcast, I show up about 15 minutes into it."The Bard of Highland Coffees" is a sobriquet I will endeavor to deserve. I talk about Andre in this week's 225 blog, and in case you forgot, in the last Oxford American music issue.

I am worn out from all that linking!

A few assorted photos: the Nabei Udon at Koi, featuring a poached egg atop; 20! or "twenty factorial" as I explained it for some reason to my daughter; the Play-Doh duck of hell; the Japanese Magnolias!; a perfect cappuccino executed by Parisa at the aforementioned coffee shop of which I am now Bard.

The new Brian Jonestown Massacre record is the perfect soundtrack by which to digest this schizoid ego-post. I sorta think of BJM as "rock band factorial"; feeding back on itself, getting a little bigger and more out of control with each step. Like factorials, the BJM is also an interesting function whose best use is to justify an exclamation point.

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