Friday, June 13, 2008

Greatest Office Meltdown in History

It's going around, but what the hell. TGIF y'all! Happy hour at Superior Grill!

ganked from the perfectly-named blog The Farting Bag
via Baton Rouge Rocks

OK, this is actually pretty disturbing, but I can't help be a little inspired by this, seeing a little feral humanity peeking through the veneer.

My favorite part is when he picks up the stack of papers off the ground like he's finally simmering down and then throws them at the gawkers. Timing is everything. - Watch more free videos

and another angle - Watch more free videos


  1. whoa! i got really excited when he started kicking/smashing down the cubicle walls.

    is there any context for this that you know of? what was dude freaking about?


  2. Look at the begining of the first video... one of his coworker bumps into him by accident..and he freaks out.