Sunday, June 8, 2008

25 things

Today I

  1. kicked a turtle into a ditch before it wandered out onto Airline Highway and
  2. got some turtle scum on my precious new funky shoes, because
  3. turtles are little more than slow-moving vessels for salmonella and I
  4. ran over one once and it makes a horrible POP when you do, all the while realizing
  5. all I probably did was prolong the inevitable and
  6. just already deepen the Beckettian abyss that must be a turtle's life, leaving it to think
  7. "great, now I gotta crawl all the way out of this fucking ditch to get across this road."
  8. "thanks a lot, asshole." Later, I
  9. popped into Barnes and Noble to get a magazine so I wouldn't fall asleep during
  10. Kung Fu Panda which was
  11. not bad actually. Great fight scenes and funny to both Maya and I, so I
  12. grabbed the new copy of The Believer and I
  13. am mentioned in the "In the next issue" bit inside the back cover for the interview I
  14. did with Ian MacKaye from Fugazi. And yes, I know I am
  15. bragging; when the barista answered my unspoken wish to be asked about the magazine while ringing me up, I
  16. showed her my name written on the page and before the movie I
  17. ran into someone I knew in Urban Outfitters and showed it to them too. I
  18. told him I just bought the magazine minutes ago and do not
  19. make a habit of carrying my clips around but I would not put it past me. During one of the talky parts of the movie, I glanced through the page with my name on it in the red light that lights up the stairs in the stadium seating and
  20. looked at the other contributors' for The Music Issue, like
  21. motherfucking Haruki Murakami and Rick Moody, people whose books I have
  22. read because I felt I should be reading authors like them, and in a preposterous stretch I
  23. am in there with them. I sometimes
  24. feel like my progress in this writing thing is a lot like a turtle's and then I
  25. realize I just got kicked out onto the highway.


  1. Sharing the pages with Rick Moody? I'd carry clips like that around in my back pocket all the time.

  2. That's about 21 more things than I did on Sunday--and I'm stretching it.

    Also, I'm getting our good review from Chuck Eddy crocheted onto a throw pillow, so I feel you.