Friday, December 2, 2011

"Ozzy Shirt" Gets Honorable Mention in DaCapo's Best Music Writing 2011

Original story art: "The Ozzy Shirt" by L. Steve Williams

  • I have had such a spate of good news on the writerly front lately that I am sure the villagers are about to announce my reign is over as they cut my throat.
  • I flip through the table of contents of each year's Best Music Writing from DaCapo and dramatically sigh to myself, "maybe next year", except I got word it is this year! My OffBeat story "The Ozzy Osbourne T-Shirt" was included among editor Alex Ross's honorable mentions in the 2011 edition. Alex Ross is my favorite music writer - his The Rest is Noise is my gold standard. It is humbling to be so honored and even mentioned.
  • In this month's Country Roads, I have three stories: one where Chef Scott Varnadoe suggest that you, among other things, inject a turkey with liquified pork fat before you fry it; one where I visit master woodworker Ford Thomas at his studio, and one where I muse about Christmas, Zooey Deschanel, the Avett Brothers and my lovely wife.

    I'm most thrilled that Maya took the photo for the last story.

  • Last August, I went to cover a breakdancing competitions where I learned, among other things, that it's not called "breakdancing", not if you're for real about it. I was sure the piece was lost to the ether but it surfaced in the Decemner issue of 225.

    Hers's a video of B-Boys United squaring off against Sleepless in Seattle (I think) in the final round.

  • You could have worse side gigs than mine.

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