Thursday, December 22, 2011

go, ho ho

Loathe I may be to introduce another cat picture to the Internet, Here is Sukie contemplating what trials face her at Grandma's while we are on vacation.

Yule log from Ambrosia, photo by Jerri Jensen. The meringue mushrooms are painted with chocolate underneath the cap to create the shadow. So much cake and buttercream that you kinda have to lean in to get your fork through it.

John Sayles, A Moment in the Sun
Nicholas Jaar, Space is Only Noise
Timber Timbre, Creep on Creepin' On
The Dirk Hartung Combo, Drained Wait
John Cale, Circus Live

Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Rhizoma

David Bowie, Tonight and Let's Dance
Jack Oblivian, Rat City

We busted out the yule log, put on Rat City and had a rock 'n' roll, mac 'n' cheese, chocolate cake party with Sammy and Junebug from down the street. It seems that being able to make the previous statement is a sign of living the good life.


I toyed with how badly I could get away with signing off on the proof of my book when I found on small but, to a very small but vocal audience, critical change that needed to be made, so here we go, ho ho. It's OK because I like the thing better with each re-read, which is a gift unto itself.

Star Trek: Generations
Independence Day


Here is the landscape upon which we grazed this Christmas Eve. I had this thought: is the reason we all are so into Christmas this year (doesn't it seem so?) because of a nascent fear that in Incan calendar end times deal is true? Like its the last Christmas? I've watched two terrible movies on cable today, weirdly both featuring Brent Spiner, and had another thought - Why has no one made an end-of-the-world Christmas movie? Melancholia meets Armageddon meets Miracle on 34th Street. Maybe I have a new project for the new year. Happy holidays, everybody!

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