Thursday, December 15, 2011

My suggestions for the new Beach Boys album

Graham Bond Organization, Live at Klook's Kleek
Mitch Ryder, How I Spent My Vacation
Dead Boys, Young, Loud and Snotty
The Undertones, Hypnotised
The Cramps, Off the Bone

Karen Russell, Swamplandia!
Flatbed Honeymoon, The Traveler
England in 1819, Alma
Shearwater, Palo Santo
The Beach Boys, Love You, Sunflower, Surf's Up
Au, Versions
Matmos, Supreme Balloon

The Beach Boys (including Brian Wilson) are reuniting for an appearance at JazzFest and a new album. My suggestion for the album is that Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips be tapped to produce it and that he be given the following:
  • One million dollars
  • One of Phil Spector's handguns
  • An abandoned Midwestern missile silo in which to record the album; Mr. Coyne should be given the only key
  • Temporary full creative control over the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and
  • A signed document from the mayor of Oklahoma City to Mr. Coyne mandating that he make it "the best fucking Beach Boys record ever."
Otherwise, I'm not expecting much.

The Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do"


  1. I played "The Beach Boys Love You" in the office a few days ago & those within earshot were in love or horrified. I'm in the former category but have a hard time arguing w/ those in the latter.

  2. MIU is the true Beach Boys endurance test. I couldn't even find perverse joy in that one, and I kinda liked LULU...