Monday, September 12, 2011

My life is a rainbow on fire!


Orange Juice, Rip It Up, Texas Fever
The Pastels, Mobile Safari
[The] Magnetic Fields, Holiday
The National, High Violet
Slowdive, Pygmalion
This Mortal Coil, Filigree and Shadow
Rain Tree Crow, Rain Tree Crow

  • The key to navigating modernity is knowing your cocktail. Maya's is pomegranate with brownie chunks, sour gummy bears and "mango drops" from Pinkberry. I am open to frozen yogurt sponsorship of these pages, by the way.
  • I had a dream the alarm app on my iPad wasn't going off because I hadn't set it right, so I woke up in the dream to check it and then woke up in real life. And a minute late the alarm went off. My life is a rainbow on fire!
  • Similarly, I when I got to work, I dumped out the latte that had been sitting on my desk since Friday in the office bathroom sink and it was brown and curd-y and splattered everywhere and the sink wouldn't drain. It looked exactly like someone had done - I had done - the most horrible thing a person could do in the sink at the bathroom at the office. I was certain someone was going to walk in and see it and we'd have a Larry David moment while I tried to explain it off, when the sink gurgled and started draining. Spit spot!
  • Is there a "the" in Magnetic Fields? I replied to a question (possibly from a robot) that "I truly wish I was well-heeled enough in spellcasting to answer." I am into what this day is asking of me.

    [The] Magnetic Fields, "Strange Powers"
  • I haven't listened to that last National album since it came out and Bret Easton Ellis reminded me how good they are again.  The infinitude of my day! I won't even go into how we couldn't find a table at the Union for lunch. Not one! Just swoon along with the dour indie baritones.

    The National, "Lemonworld"


  1. I think I closed out the window before I got through the whole comment process so I'll say it again. I really like the design changes to the blog. It is a lot cleaner and I think it makes it easier to read.

    Nice running into you at lunch today as well!