Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everything is groovy

Hurricane lily; clothesline

Cyril Vetter, Dirtdobber Blues
The Jam, All Mod Cons
The Electric Prunes, I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night and Underground
13th Floor Elevators, Easter Everywhere

  • The virtues of being well-connected: I decided I needed to bring my bike to work on the little rack on the bus and thankfully Hope the Grooviest Printmaker of All was at the stop to show me how to pull the bike rack down and pull up the wheel thing and so on. She's spent time in the Pacific Northwest and therefore her bike rack ability is instinctual. Otherwise I'd been left to fumble and cry like a feeble old man.
  • I've had a fiction idea rolling around, partially about the dark but funny period of someone I know and I'm conflicted. I'm compelled to say it should be non-fiction and do it clean, but I'm not sure the subject would participate nor would anyone want to read it that way. Some of the characters in the "faction" Dirtdobber Blues are people I know in real life, so I know it can be done, but I can also see the fine line one must walk. This might be a job for NaNoWriMo.
  • The Electric Prunes "I"

    reminds me of this groovy classic from Sesame Street

    which reminds me that I was lucky to have a 70's childhood.

  • Everything is groovy today!

  • Class was great, then I zipped across campus to do a guest lecture that i'd prepared on the iPad and it all worked like presentations, especially ones where you fly in and have zero setup time, never do. The students seemed into it, I was into it. I was less into my bike ride home when the water fountain by the park entrance wasn't working and I was about to barf up every poorly-thought-through plan in my life that led up to that very moment but I made the rest home and after a shower and some China 1 and Workaholics comin' on, s'all groovy.

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  1. When the spider lilies start to come up, you know it is a good sign!