Saturday, June 12, 2010

what is what they call what goes around a nuculess?

1. Maya had a wad of Play-Doh in her hands when we went to Calandro's
to get snacks for the pool. Carol stopped her to asked if that was Silly Putty, then offered this piece of advice:

"You got to be careful with Silly Putty; it will take the faucets right off your walls."

2. Calandro's didn't have Tecate in the can, my favorite cheap poolside beer, so we went to the gas station next. A grizzled dude in a motorized wheelchair looked hard at the State Science Fair shirt (the logo is an atom) I was still wearing from work.

"Is that what you call a nucules on your shirt?"
"Oh... Yes, it is. A nucleus.
"I thought so. Now, what is what they call what goes around a nucules?"
"That's it," he shrugged. "I forget sometimes."

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  1. That story is awesome. Like out of a Larry Brown novel or something!