Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh, hey, crepe myrtles!

Black Mountain, "Old Fangs" (Pitchfork)

Oh, hey, crepe myrtles! Peeking in at me through the office window...I don't remember y'all from last year, but then, in the jungle, the flowers get taken for granted.

I just read about this guy, Omar Hernández-Hidalgo, a vituroso violist who died, it is believed, in the course of a kidnapping and it led me to this guy

playing Yasunori Mitsuda's "Lost Pieces" from the soundtrack to Chrono Cross. No, I haven't heard of any of that either, but the sentimentality and brio of the performance matched with the grainy recording is completely arresting. It's a scene right out of a Bolaño story. It sent me deeper into South American/Mexican viola playing with

the Sonatina for Trumpet and Viola, Movement II. Largo, Molto Espressivo by Leroy Osmon, performed April 1, 2004 at the University of Yucatan . Never heard of it either but now we all have. YouTube is like a surprise window full of flowers sometimes.

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