Thursday, June 3, 2010

about not getting there, not about getting there

Lights on the marble in the lobby of my building

The Hold Steady, Heaven is Everywhere (2010, Rhapsody)

Nobody is talking about the new Hold Steady record. Maybe because it is the big rock album they've been leaning toward all this time and indie rock is about not getting there, not about getting there. If it can happen to true-believers like Guided By Voices, it can to anyone destined for there-ness, I guess, unless we consciously stop ourselves from getting there. Before we sell out. Or it is possible that they (and we) are good enough for almost there but will wither in the spotlights should we ever manage to arrive.

It would sound great on the sound system at the pool but so does Boston, so take that as you will.

♫ The Hold Steady, "The Smidge" (Rhapsody)

Also, only boorish dudes care about such things. The girls still want to go to the party.

♫ The Hold Steady, "Rock Problems" (Rhapsody)

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