Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cheesy spaghetti on the side

Steve Coleman, Invisible Paths: First Scattering
Ron Miles, Heaven
Mostly Other People Do The Killing, Shamokin!

Today's contemporary jazz suggestions are brought to you by Alex Rawls' musings on the adventurous programming of the forthcoming CareFusion Jazz Festival in OffBeat and Ben Ratliff's post-mortem of the Undead Jazz Festival in the NYTimes, both riffing on not playing to the lowest common denominator and keeping things fresh. Both festivals will be and were, respectively, held in New York City. The first is cerebral solo alto; the second, congenial duets between the acclaimed trumpeter and Bill Frisell on guitar (dig their take on "Coward of the County") ; the last, a post-jazz-quartet jazz quartet with the requisite awesome band name. This past weekend, I almost bought that new Steve Coleman record (like from a store, with money) Mr. Ratlikff briefly discusses, and now I might have to.

Above, entirely different sort of ensemble found performing every Saturday the House of God Ministry near my house. The newest addition to the group, the fried catfish, is fixin' to upstage the ribs. Always get cheesy-spaghetti on the side if it is offered.

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