Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seriously, y'all


Sun Ra, A Quiet Place in the Universe (1977, Rhapsody)
Dewey Redman, Musics (1978, Rhapsody)
Buckingham Nicks, Buckingham Nicks (1978)
Arthur Blythe, Lennox Avenue Breakdown (1978, Rhapsody)

Holy crap, last night was one of the best research trips I've been on during my whole writing about Louisiana bars career. The Grand Opera House of the South (top: view from the balcony) in Crowley stunned my senses and rekindled my belief that Louisiana does actually want to preserve itself, Feufollet at a freaking barn dance in the Lakeside RV park north of Eunice (middle: baby o the dance floor!) charmed any possible cynicism I might have about Acadiana hipsters right out of me, and the soon retiring zydeco powerhouse Keith Frank appearing at El Sid-O's in Lafayette (bottom: his rhythm section of two drummers and a washboard) might just open up that crazy music to transcendental territory should anyone pick up his accordion when he finally puts it down. Seriously, y'all. The soundtrack of free jazz and Lindsey & Stevie's hopeful love made for good company on those dark country roads. More on all of this to come.

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