Wednesday, December 2, 2009

James Taylor marked for funk

Bobby Womack - Communication (listen) James Taylor marked for funk.*

However, the true nature of Bobby Womack's remake genius is demonstrated in his 9+ minute exploded version of "(They Just Want To Be) Close to You."

The Isley Brothers - Givin' it Back (listen) Seriously, a baby-makin' soul rendition of a song about gunned down student protesters is probably the most inspired thing that ever came out of a bong hit.

Oddly enough, they do "Fire and Rain" as well.

I'm afraid to look to see if Boosty Collins has a version.

* You gain 10 music-nerd points if you get this reference.


  1. Papi, that's not baby-making, that's preaching. That's reaching for the we-shall-overcome crescendo of glory.

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