Friday, December 4, 2009

déjà vu

Ruthie Foster - The Truth According to Ruthie Foster (listen) The rare successful hybrid of contemporary and blues that sounds like both without ruining either. This song kills me; it's like if I was in the mood for vintage Linda Ronstadt and instead got the thing vintage Ronstadt visualized being.

And though I'm listening to this a second time in a row, I just got a creepily strong déjà vu shudder typing the Linda Ronstadt bit, which means, perhaps, if déjà vu is a synapse event indicating that we are fulfilling our true destiny, a spark occurring when the metaphysical and the physical universe line up, my metaphysical nature is to keep an obsessive, narcissistic music blog. Meaning: I am the conduit between God and man! I'm gonna go find me a Red Sea and part it! Spear and magic helmet! Roar!

Or it might just be cold in my office and that is what the shudder was all about.

Larry Garner - Too Blues (listen) Thanks to inimitable contemporary blues artist in his own right and friend of mine Larry Garner for turning me on to her. Here is an interview I did with him last summer.

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