Friday, December 18, 2009

happy holidays from twitty city

From this eBay auction item

Conway Twitty - 25 #1's (listen)

My daughter excitedly told me yesterday afternoon that she found a great new radio station on her stereo and that it just played "Jingle Bell Rock." I assumed it was the whoever becomes the Christmas station this time of year, but no! It was Country Legends 107.5 and she spent the early evening extolling its virtues, doing improvised railroad handtruck-style dances to Eddie Rabbit and the Pleadin' Cheatin' Deflowerer King of All Country Legends Conway Twitty, pictured above before his ultimate vacation destination Twitty City.

No hard sell is required here. The sound of my childhood up to about 1983 was pretty much 80% Country Legends. I know every one of those damn songs. I was really hoping to hear George Burns' fluke country hit "I Wish I was 18 Again" - that was a huge at the country station in Houma back then, but man, Conway Twitty will do.

Twitty City was renowned for its Xmas decorations in its day, and that seems an appropriate segue to announcing that we are headed to see those decorating the happiest place on Earth, the place you go after winning the goddamn Super Bowl, the vast and shimmering sepulcher of the frozen head of Uncle Walt in a few hours, and to all you diligent readers, I wish you a happy holiday if I don't report back before the fat man gets all up in yr chimney. And, I'm sorry, Loretta...

Edited to add: This might be my favorite Conway song.

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