Monday, December 7, 2009

(albeit slightly less so)

Kurt Vile - God is Saying This to You? (listen) I don't know if God is saying this to me - I'd hope the Divine would be otherwise occupied - but Mr. Kurt Vile's album Childish Prodigy is one of my favorites released this year, and lo, research reveals he had another wondrous (albeit slightly less so) lil' record this year. Prodigy indeed! Ma and Pa Vile must be proud.

I was so overcome by the succulent informel of it all that I hardly heard the following two records as they played, but I liked what I was hardly hearing.

Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror
The USA is a Monster - Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age (listen)

Pavement - Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinals (listen) and if there was ever an embodiment of albeit slightly less so and all the greater for it - if one can really embody such a thing - it is Pavement. Being slightly less so is the source of their enduring/endearing greatness. Pavement sounds like the best background music noise (record store, practice room, radio-next-door) brought right up front, defying the laws of perspective by refusing to become more diffuse with distance and appearing no clearer close up. Nice trick. Almost like they know what they are doing. But yeah, whatever.

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