Sunday, December 20, 2009

executed with love

I love Magic Kingdom. I epescially love "It's a Small World" pictured above. My favorite thing at Magic Kingdom is "Peter Pan's Flight" and had we not given up on the line, I'd be talking about it instead. But IASW much like all of Disney World (and perhaps by extension, Florida) is such a weird idea executed with a love that you don't put into normal ideas.

My wife is a master Disney strategist; we get there in time to see the morning show when Mickey's steam train of joy comes 'round the bend, and in doing so, rode Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise and probably something else with hardly a line. We only gave up on the Lost Boys when everybody else showed up. My daughter's brio gave out midway through Space Mountain, which throws you around in the dark in a manner similar to a Mafia kidnapping, but otherwise we are all maintaining.

Speaking of Mafia kidnappings, we got a free rental care upgrade to a Chrysler 300 which has, among other amenities, a latch for letting yourself out of the trunk should you fond yourself therein placed. When I win the lotto or get that lucrative book deal, I am gonna stroll all big money into the dealership and bemuse "...but does it have a kidnapping latch?" as I peruse the upscale vehicles. Mileage, comfort, carbon tireprint, yadda yadda. I need to know I can get out if the shit goes down! It's indeed a small world and you never know when things are gonna get ugly.

A woman on the shuttle bus last night was barking (one of those impossibly loud Midwestern women who was taght to speak by emulating a bike horn) about this and that being part of Walt's original plan. I doubt kidnapping preparedness was the kernel behind "It's a Small World" in fact I think just the opposite. And I'm not much of a beliver in anyone's "plan." I just know that the weirdest idea for amusement is even more weirdly the least popular thing in the most popular place for amusement on Earth and I was just there, and it makes me love it more. And you. And everyone.

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