Sunday, March 23, 2008

RIP Al Copeland

Al Copeland, founder of Popeye's Chicken, passed away in Germany after battling cancer of the salivary glands. Clear proof of the Ironic Gods and their wrath. Is it wrong of me to hope that his final act in life was to tell his publicist,"Wait... this is perfect....tell them I had cancer of the salivary glands!"


If you ever have had the pleasure of some spicy Popeye's and those mind altering biscuits that were rumored to have 7-up in the batter, pour a little grease on the pavement for Al Copeland. For nothing else, he should be remembered for his over-the-top Christmas Light displays in New Orleans. He started out decorating his house, but when the neighbors complained about the traffic and got the authorities involved, he moved it to City Park (and at the State Capitol one year) where they became more over-the-top.

Also, he really pissed off Anne Rice that one time.

You know you want some chicken right now...

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  1. what about when he got in a fist-fight at a restaurant? Al Copeland was a man of Klass. With a K. Yum. I love me some Popeyes! RIP Al!