Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Record Crate: Kid Midi Wins the Spirit Stick

You have new Picture Mail!You have new Picture Mail!
Kid Midi at Insomkneestock, Baton Rouge, 3/2/2008

Not that live music is a competitive sport, but The Papercuts frankly outshined the opening act Beach House with their echo-chamber dream pop. Cohen and the Ghost are currently the band to beat in sheer stage population, but the band managed to utilize all those accordions and xylophones and whatnots in the service of some rather erudite, contemplative rock. Zenbilly's Bill Callaway wins the Coolest Dad Ever award, drumming for the Ben Folds-ish piano-pop trio Field Day, featuring his two sons, Andrew and Daniel.

Insomkneeack's, the venerable bohemian coffee shop/performance space/gallery re-opened above the Broadmoor Theatre after a 10-year hiatus with a bang this Saturday -- indoor and outdoor stages, food vendors, nary an incident and a full parking lot along with a lot of local bands I hadn't seen before. Who By Fire tossed some sepia-toned whiskey tales into the cold night air. Cheney Youth resurrected the hardcore shows of my youth, complete with a Seven Seconds cover and a full-service mosh pit. However, the act that really won the spirit stick was Kid Midi. Imagine trying to get from Meat Loaf to the Human League via Judas Priest. It was hard to tell if this act was a half-joking or half-serious, launching into a vehement reading of Technotronic's Pump up the Jam at one point, but Kid Midi is all awesome in my book. This is just the kind of homespun weirdness Insomkneeack's used to foster. I'm very glad to have them back.

This week, the Spanish Moon continues their Gas Food Lodging lineup with crowd favorites Man Man and my favorite new band of last year, Blitzen Trapper on Wednesday. Post-Beck art informel hilarity is set to ensue with Why? and Cryptacize on Monday, augmented by the dynamo grooves of dance-rock duo Panther. Two of the best bands out of New Orleans right now, The Junior League and The Bad Off, will be at North Gate Tavern. If you lean toward to rootsier side of things, Lucero and Hoots & Hellmouth at Chelsea's and the unstoppable country sex machine that is J.D Wilke's Legendary Shack Shakers at the Spanish Moon will give more than you can possibly line dance to.

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