Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 Things About My New Job

  1. My computer was set up in record time. Two flatscreen monitors, dual core machine. Nice office supply cabinet. Installed my own software, which is a plus, for me anyway. The office manager boasted that she can order anything, so I requested an electric tea kettle. I figured universities move at a glacier pace, but no they had everything up her before I cleared off the desk. In the past, I have wandered around corporate office of companies that purport to move at the speed of business for weeks, with managers humming, " now-wah.....where should we put you-wah..." hoping I would just go off and build a cubicle out of mud and thatch.
  2. The building I am in was once the on-campus hotel, so all the offices that have, or once had ,working suite bathrooms between them. Mine not only has a working toilet (longtime readers may note that I am in the position of becoming the bathroom monitor) but a working shower as well. There is a file cabinet in the shower stall, but someone came by this morning to see if the water was still connected, and it was. The creepiest part is that there is an ancient bar of soap still in the soap dish. If anyone else notices it, I'm going to say "I washed my face with it the other day and it seemed fine!" I also have a sink in my office.
  3. My window opens! This may not seem like a big deal, but I have never had an office where windows actually open. It is right above the downstairs entrance, and I just got a whiff of cigarette smoke. It also has a door that closes which is another first. I am told that this spot is temporary, since it is where the bathroom and coffee pot are.
  4. I am within biking distance from home so once I suffer the indignity of helmet selection, I am on the road to cardio-vasucular, environmental and recreational well-being in my commute.
  5. My favorite coffee shop of all-time is directly outside my nearest exit. And the campus is probably the loveliest place in town.

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