Saturday, November 19, 2011

This year's night


  • White Light Night! Mid-city Baton Rouge has a number of these artwalk things throughout the year - there is a "Hot Art, Cool Nights", another "lights" of some sort I think - all in the past trying to be a thing. I go, I like walking around at night and lemon squares and mini sandwiches more than the next guy, and take it for what it is. This year however, it crossed a bridge into becoming a Thing. There was more to do within walking distance from my house than I was able to take in.

  • At one point I was attacking a free clamshell of jambalaya while Maya and her friend were attacking fresh spun cotton candy outside the neighborhood vintage record store while a surf band tore through "Apache", and the promise of navigating the place involved a second batch of jambalaya.

  • I will from this point measure the breadth of a civic event by the number of jambalayas on offer. This year's night, a two-jambalaya success with a chi-chi law office open house shrimp salad bonus allotment. And bite size pecan pies. Nice work, Baton Rouge!

  • At that stop, some artisan had a table of little clay balls on which you were instructed to Sharpie the cause of your psychic distress and then hurl it at a wall. Very satisfying. Maya went with "mean people", for truly they do suck as the ancients once declared.


  • Then I went back out by bike past the food trucks and the gallery gatherings devolving into back patio debauchery to a party at a friend's great house in the adjacent neighborhood where social and professional circles overlapped around a fire pit and a vintage ice chest and a crockpot of hot chocolate and people I don't see enough and some I know secrets about and writers I like and sweet drunks I didn't already know and and and... I like all these ands. Sometimes I struggle to find five things to fill the bullet holes of a post; it's kinda awesome that my sleepy old neighborhood did it for me.

    I will start today with jalapeño cheese bread from Ambrosia and a second pot of coffee and see what today holds.


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