Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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Surfer Blood, Tarot Classics

  • I've been thinking about social media and electronic communications platforms as technoörganic means of storytelling, ironically enabling us to be immediate through the supposed artifice of digitalization. We appear a lot more clearly through the filters. Plus, I like the idea of a writer being "good at Twitter." Not everybody is. I certainly haven't found my groove with it; conversations on Twitter feel like I am shouting to another person across a crowded room. They gain unintended theatricality.
  • I end up deleting and retyping a tweet (I cringe when "tweet" is spoken as a noun) over and over. Like this

    Alex V. Cook
    (insert Andy Rooney joke about why they are called pearly gates when they are made of wrought iron like normal gates)
    5 Nov via Twitter for iPhone
    took me three tries to get it right. Too mannered. I suspect Andy Rooney could rattle these things off all day. Being good at Twitter is a similarly specific skill.
  • Bret Easton Ellis is great at Twitter. I think he might be better at Twitter than at writing novels. See this little interchange about Joan Didion's new book

  • I thought these three tweets made a great story when I read them the other morning - funny, a little too intimate, a little too creepy, what I like about BEE compressed into bite-size Snickers format -  and then felt validation when Choire Sicha (whose own writing I like) at the Awl reposted/Storify-ed it.  
  • I love the folk transmission of embedding things online.  It seems like the most natural form of storytelling there is. It's all "come see what I see." I love that I can see that my wife is listening to the Mountain Goats and that a friend across town is listening to Big Star, and I love what everybody is eating and doing. The people that complain about that filling up their Facebook page - what are you going to your page for? To hear people complain about customer service? To announce they too support the local football team? Farmville? People still do Farmville?

    To the "I don't see why anybody cares what I am doing..." posts, er, you are the one sharing things. I think you actually do care. Just saying. Check out my blurry satsuma! You know you want to.

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