Friday, November 4, 2011

Ramsay Midwood at Bourque's Social Club

Ramsay Midwood at Bourque's Social Club, Scott, LA 11/3/2011

I'm not trying to be overly arty here. The battery on my good camera was giving out and the lighting was too low for the iPhone. I tried to shoot one camera through the other to generally disastrous results. I don't advise that technique. If you want, you can read it as a meditation on cowboy hats.

Last night:
Chicago, V
Ramsay Midwood, Drew Landry, Sam Doores & the Tumbleweeds at Bourque's Social Club, Scott LA
Ramsay Midwood, Larry Bought a Lighter

Polly Pry, Two Warm Minutes
The Beach Boys, The Smile Sessions
The Decemberists, Long Live the King
John Fahey, Requia and Other Compositions
The Drew Landry Band, Sharecropper's Whine
Psychic Ills, Hazed Dream
Giant Sand, Chore of Enchantment

It was a pretty amazing show. At one point he was backed up by a fiddle, three guitars, drums, upright bass, keyboards (doubling on accordion), and a singing saw. And an old lady under an afghan playing a t-fer or Cajun triangle, though Ramsay pointed out there was no try, it was a do-angle.

Thanks to Ramsay for coming out and to Sam Doores and his band and Drew  "John Cougar Fishin' Camp" Landry for putting this on. Y'all should go but Ramsay's new CD Larry Buys a Lighter for no other reason that it a great name for a record. It's good music too, but really, that title.

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