Monday, November 1, 2010

lighting kitchen matches


Mark Richard, Charity
Cecil Taylor, Complicite
Albert Ayler, Live on the Riviera
Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen, For the Ghosts Within

Jesus, Mark Richard is good. Like I've been reading in the dark all this time and he suddenly appears in the corner, lighting kitchen matches with his thumbnail.


I went to Voodoo fest this Saturday and further insights and photos will unfold over subsequent posts, but the highlights were Florence & the Machine (above) doing her Stevie Nicks via thing and completely owning the stage. Her harpist was the best rockstar of the night. Die Antwoord were a blur, figuratively and literally. That stuff is so amazingly puerile it borders on genius. A stupid kind of genius but so what. Also, Drake had this massive laser show going on over the field and a girl near me was going at it in one of the many LED-enhanced hula hoops laying about the place and it was beautiful.


Maya made her own Medusa and racked up as you can see up top. Here she is below getting her fortune told at the haunted park down the street. More later.


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