Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Therein lies big money and my dashed dreams of spinning my way into it, just like in a Springsteen song.

The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Bonnie Jo Campbell, Women and Other Animals
Bruce Springsteen, The Promise

They didn't have American Salvage at the library so I got Women and Other Animals, which if the first story is an indicator, about Big Joanie and the escaped tiger, is astounding.
Big Joanie can imagine Conroy - he has small hands and a bald spot the size of a copper pot scrubber - but that doesn't help her now.

There is little to salvage in the America of The Promise.

"Because the Night"

Neither character in the story nor the song knows how they feel under your command, or whose command it is. They just know it's not really theirs. And while they are both embroiled in a scene they are so alone, a spectacle alone at that, and yet they don't hear anything else but their own head saying "take me as I am."

Or something. Bruce Springsteen brings on maudlin pronouncement and sudden reflection in a manner similar to that of loosened prowling tigers.

My house is full of the Sgt. Pepper's song. The wee Beatlemaniac said to me, "I like to play it on repeat, I hope that's OK." Who is she asking?

Speaking of America, this came up on the Facebook today.

"Bi Centennial" by Vincent Collins

In 1976 I had a t-shirt with the ubiquitous Bicentennial logo (seen at 2:38;  it came free with something from the Hi-Vee across the river) and some red, white and blue-striped pants. America!

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