Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's the weight of the world weighin' at us, darlin'

This is above the microwave at work. I don't know if I get all the juxtapositions, but I'm picking up some of what it's laying down, or at least cleaning up after using the microwave.

Joanna Newsom, Have One on Me (backwards)
Twin Killers, Lemon Heart Opera
Avey Tare, Down There

Reviews: Google Alerts is supposed to handle all this and nothing ever shows up so I never go to look, but look!
  • The Advocate was kind to my piece in the Oxford American about geodesic domes back in September.
  • The Stranger's Slog blog praised "a marvelous long poem about Buckminster Fuller (the stanzas are in the shape of geodesic domes)". 

I'm listening to  Have One On Me in reverse track order because otherwise I'll never really listen to those songs at the end of the three discs. I'm caught in this record's orbit even though it feels a bit like one enormous song broken up into eighteen enormous songs. I keep singing it's the weight of the world weighin' at us, darlin' even though I know the line in "Good Intentions Paving Company" really is all the way to the thing we've been playing at, darling, not because my misheard version is better but because it is the weight of the world weighing at us, all the time. I like the idea of weighing at as an action.

That "Still Life of Curves and Curls" song by locals Twin Killers is a corker. It's like being on a  fast horse being chased by others on fast horses.

Weight, or more correctly, mass is what causes orbits, right? More precisely, you need mass and orbits to get rotation and that causes weight, I think. I genuinely like listening to Animal Collective and their associated products/projects, but they are the most bloodless "sensation" to hit the Yoot Kultcha in a while. I used to think they sounded kinda phoned-in in a good way, but now it's like their answering machines are phoning each other.

That pelican picture gets weirder every time I look at it now. It weighs at me.

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