Thursday, October 21, 2010

That, or go-karts

The adventure that is getting home. 1) In my three years working here, she is the only person I've ever seen on the stage at the Greek Amphitheatre; 2) I love the little notch in the R on the box for the fire extinguisher outside the bathroom where she toweled off after the...  3) Sprinklers! We missed our bus because of this and had to wait 20 min or so, but just as well because the air-conditioning on LSU's transit system is set to "deep freeze."

Television, Adventure  
The dB's, Stands for Decibels 
Let's Active, Big Plans for Everybody  
Go-Kart Mozart, Tearing Up the Album Chart

I had Adventure on yesterday but today am listening.
I was out stumbling in the rain staring at your lips so red
You said, "'Blah, blah, blah" you got a pillow stuck in your head"
How could I argue with a mirror
She looked at me. Yes, I hear her.
When I see the glory, I ain't gotta worry
She said, "There's a halo on that truck, won't you please get it for me?"
I said, "Of course my little swan, if ever and ever you adore me."
She got mad. She said, "you're too steep."
She put on her boxing gloves and went to sleep -
When I see the glory
I ain't got no worries

C'mon, that is gorgeous in any format or language!

Tom Verlaine performing "Glory" on Spanish TV, 1984

Footage of this deep sea octupus, via Boing Boing, should accompany all jangle guitar solos. That, or go-karts.

Go-Kart Mozart (featuring Lawrence of my beloved Felt), "Listening to Marmalade"

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