Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks, Birdman!

In order: 1-3) Taking the bus to school for the first time! 4) Webinar! The future will be conducted by webinar, likely by speakers who keep their backs to the camera the whole time. 5) The future will unfortunately not be catered as well as retirement community webinars. Old folks care vehemently about two things: those in power using common sense for once and snacks. Bless the grandma who made the little sausage cheese biscuit drop thingies. 6) Birdman in St. Francisville has my book on rather prominent display. Thanks, Birdman! 7) Some serious drumline shit going down on my way to get a haircut. Right before this incident one of them stopped and pointed over my shoulder with his sticks. "Shit! A hawk!" 8) Poetry edging out Maxim at the barber shop while the Blue Collar Comedy tour rattled on the flatscreen. "Man, my daughter has this friend who's into that goth thing. Have you seen that?? I'm like we used to call that Halloween!" And that is how goths are made.

I've had Paul Simon's "The Boy in the Bubble" rattling in my head all morning, particularly that these are the days of miracle and wonder and they are. I believe!

Remember the Blue Aeroplanes? Remember how they had that guy in the band that just danced?

Someone else doing it.

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