Saturday, August 7, 2010

let me start the generator


In order:

  1. Sukie tried to eat a dragonfly but wouldn't show it off for the camera. 
  2. The @TacoDePaco taco truck had its debut at Stabbed in the Art. For those who live in cultural non-wastelands, these two things may sound mundane, and really the art at the latter was on the whole with some exceptions I'll mention in a minute, but man, I have been wanting for ambitious student-y art shows and street food since I moved back here at the dawn of this century and they finally are kinda happening. The taco truck thing had its own drama: the guy announced "Two minutes; let me start the generator" to we queued and then promptly ripped the ripcord out of the generator. I considered testing the miraculousness of Twitter asking that a generator be brought to the scene pronto (it's hurricane season and there was probably half a dozen of them fueled up and ready to go within 100 yards of the truck at that moment) but the Entrepreneur got it started without soiling his nice shirt. Huzzah! I should point out that right in front of me in line (I was 3rd) was a mom desperate to kill the buzz of the thing and a dad looking to be disappointed but whatever-you-want-dear with a chirpy preteen daughter singing "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night/I hate to go and leave this pretty sight" to herself any everyone and who said to the mom, "Just be patient and these tacos will be wondrous!" and with that, the truck was in business. I want this kid on my apocalypse team. She can be my Deputy Minister of Morale. Mom can register her many complaints about the Endless Winter with the cannibal hordes.
  3. The tacos were wondrous enough to make me a convert though, truthfully, I was pre-sold. $2/per. They didn't have corn tortillas ready much to the mom's public and my internalized chagrin, but promise them down the line. The tacos have cute names. I recommend the Miguel (veggie) and the Juan (chicken).
  4. The art was what one expects at these things. Young people of art: spend less time on your choice of sunglasses and little hats and kick out the jams. I have yet to see one of you unclothed or self-injured or smearing your crazy convincingly across a stretched canvas in the name of art and I don't like it. I did kinda like these sparkly numbers here and 
  5. here, though someone needs to work on the tightening of one's canvases.
  6. The closest thing to sublime were this little pieces by one Jay Bird where he feeds a web address into an algorithm (he explained what an algorithm is on the little card which I guess is necessary but ugh...) and out spits a satisfying little graph deduced from the ratio of text, images, and links. Tidy.
  7. Skating to the new school which starts Wednesday.
  8. The small thin catfish platter at Middendorf's. The actually do have the world's best thin fried catfish. I checked. The large platter is like Thanksgiving dinner large.
  9. The scene across the street from Middendorf's. It is perched on a strip of land separating Lake Ponchatrain from Lake Maurepas.

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